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Partners, Experience, and References

Loritus has been developing HTC services since 2006, and was one of the first companies to patent designs in HTC systems.  Further to this, Loritus has worked throughout Europe and North America to educate and develop HTC awareness.
Commercially Operating HTC facility

Loritus built its first continuous HTC reactor in 2008 with support from the Italian and German governments.  Designing the Loritus HTC system to process any type of biological material helped Loritus patent one of the first continuous working systems, which even today offers Loritus best in class efficiency, scalability and effective carbonization for heterogeneous waste streams.


Through years of testing and analysis Loritus understands what can be expected from most industry by-products and waste streams, and is very comfortable to develop a firm business case that converts existing costs in revenue.


  • Food and Beverage - Mushroom, Olive, palm, citrus, etc.

  • Starch and Sugar industry

  • Chemical and Paper Industry

  • Meat, Poultry, and Dairy Industry

  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry



Funding and Partners

Loritus has built up a trusted network of research, construction, engineering, and procurement advisors and supporters to manage its execution in HTC technology and services.  


Further to this, we are privately backed and well funded to support our future clients make the right choice and mitigate any perceived risks in acquiring an HTC capability.


Commercial Operations

Loritus has supported numerous companies to assess an HTC solution for their existing operations.  The largest facility built to date is processing various forms of green waste to generate an attractive carbon neutral biocoal.  This unique biofuel is a substitute for not only mined coal, but also wood chips, pellets, and any type of biomass.

Loritus' Large Scale Deployment

Some pictures of our results

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