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Enable Carbon Management 

Generating Local Solutions & Value

Your concerns are our solution -
Are residual materials and waste costing you more to manage?
Are recovery services offering you marginal profitability?
Is it fustrating to pay for so much transportation?
Loritus works at a local level with governments, private enterprise, and individuals to define how HTC can resolve excessive costs, and recover value and revenue from unwanted material.  The flexible nature of the HTC service turns costs into new revenues while generating a local and symbiotic solution to manifest itself. 
Coming from and living in small communities ourselves we understand the desire for local solutions that minimise transportation and maintain an optimum local solution that is dynamic over time - today can be sales in agriculture, tomorrow can be sales into power generation.
One service - Many Goals - Many Opportunities
Our Company
Competitive Advantage

Loritus is a privately owned company that sources and develops all of its technology from Germany and Italy.  It is managed by Tim Dolden and Bernhard Hilber.


Bernhard Hilber has over 25 years developing services in Biogas, climate analysis, and process engineering, and is an active owner of a large dairy farm in Northern Italy.


Tim Dolden has spent 20 years building new technology and markets for a number of blue chip companies and has a specialisation in complex outsourcing and managed service operations.


Loritus is willing to build and operate HTC facility on behalf of clients, as well as Build Operate and Transfer.  Being a small company, Loritus prides itself on its best in class technology, processes, and the ability to build a tangible local business case with its clients. 

Loritus HTC has profound long term cost, geographical, and eco-impact advantages over other biomass solution such biogas, incineration, and composting, but also our patented HTC designs give us a performance and scaling advantage over other typical HTC providers. 


The key advantages of our HTC patented designs:

  • Far less temperature loss results in far less energy consumption, and allows a self sustained reaction at lower dry solid percentages

  • Stable conditions throughout the reactor when processing heterogeneous material creates better end product and more total carbonization

  • Best in class scalability because Loritus can have reactor diameters larger than the competition


Only HTC gives you options both upstream and downstream, short and long term, to maximum value and remove costs.  And we do it all without requiring any dependance on outside subsidies.


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