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Many inputs, many outputs for a subsidy free recovery service
New Carbon Products
Carbon Neutral

Hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) is the naturally occurring process that creates nutrient rich soil, peat, and coal in the Earth.


Because HTC is a 100% carbon efficient process, it offers the best carbon management solution for typically occurring waste streams in industry and society, while also generating zero residual waste for landfill or further processing.


Working on HTC since 2006, Loritus' patented designs were some of the first in the world.  Loritus HTC stands alone for capacity, efficiency, and cost through the generation of an energy self sufficient process with virtually no emissions.


True Innovation - True global benefit.

Latest News 
Biochar growth trials

2.5m EU Grant for Loritus

Loritus has been awarded 2.5m EUR from the Horizon 2020 grant program to build an HTC unit that will process 10,000 ton/year and improve its clients profitability by over 60% while also making it a largely carbon neutral.

Innovation in infrastructure

Participation in Eco-Connect Scotland 2015


Loritus was a proud supporter of the 1st ever Eco-connect Scotland.  The best part about the event was seeing so many promising new technologies - technologies that can also be integrated into Loritus' operations to be even more efficient and effective.

About us
Loritus HTC

The principal members of Loritus have a diverse background in Innovation, Agriculture and the commercialisation of ground breaking services and technology.  Being globally experienced professionals, Tim and Bernhard understand global environmental issues require local practical and profitable resolution to really work long term.

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